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Audio is one of those services you often don't notice when it's done right, but when it's done wrong, you certainly notice!


When it comes to equipment and reliability, Sound Waves Event strives to be on top. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and is kept in pristine condition. This allows both our staff and our clients to be confident in its performance and presentation. Time and time again Sound Waves Event will deliver a complete and personalised service that you can trust. Thats why our tag line " Once heard never forgotten"


Meyer line-up of top class speakers is a key element in Sound Waves Event success:


“Meyer has helped further Sound Waves Event reputation of being committed to providing superior products and a reliable service”


Sound Waves Event offer the following service in audio:


• Sound system design and operation

• CAD Drawing and ‘coverage maps’

• Compact PA systems for Board Rooms to full-scale PA systems for Arenas.

• Digital and Analogue audio solutions

• Flown and Ground-stacked solutions

• Audio for Bands and DJs

• Audio for corporate and hospitality applications








Audio Production Services - Sound Reinforcement

Audio Equipment List

Recorded using iPhone 5S.

Permission approved by artist

Jason Scott - Diamond Forever

Recorded using iPhone 5S.

Permission approved by artist

James  - Feelings

Recorded using Canon Rebel T5i.

Permission approved by Rainbow Inc.

Habib Wahid - International Music Fest

Recorded using iphone 4S

Permission approved by Rainbow Inc.

@ Rave at Northlands

Recorded using iphone 4S

Permission approved by Millwoods Assembly at Alberta Beach.

audio production edmonton ab

audio production edmonton ab

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Line Arrays


Meyer M’elodie





Meyer MSL4s

Meyer UPA 1C

Meyer 700HP Subs

QSC KW Series

Turbosound Milan




Meyer MJF 212A

Meyer UM1C

In-Ear Monitors


Microphones - Wired



Microphones - Wired


Microphones - Wireless


Shure, Seineheiser, Neumman, Coutryman, AudioTechnica, AKG, etc

Microphones - Wireless


Seinheiser, Countryman, Crowne, Shure, etc



CD Players


Pioneer CDJ 1000 & 2000, DVJ 1000

Denon DN 4500


Digital Mixing Consoles


Yamaha LS9-16 LS9-32

Yamaha M7CL-48

Presonus Studio Live 16CH

Presonus Studio Live 32 AI


Analogue Mixing Consoles


Soundcraft  Live 8 24CH


DJ Mixers


Pioneer DJM 800, 900

Rane TTM57


Effects Processing


TC Electronics, Yamaha, Lexicon, Even Tide


Signal Processing


Drawmer, BSS, Clark, Focusrite


Systems Processing






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